Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesdays with Will: Cool Kid

For some reason, we decided to return our water jugs to Sam's Club a couple of days before Christmas. This resulted in us waiting in a really long line, but when you have a fairly happy baby and have already unloaded everything from the car, you choose to wait in the line. Plus, Will decided to entertain us and everyone around us.

We attempt to get Will to wear his sunglasses when we're outside but he currently has an obsession with ripping glasses off... both himself and anyone else wearing them. On this particular day, he decided to not only wear them outside but also continue to wear them inside... so we let him keep them on. Combine that with him playing with the Sam's card and we were laughing through most of the line. I don't know where he thought the camera was but he was clearly posing for someone.

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