Monday, December 9, 2013

Sometimes You Just Run Out of Time

It is finals time for me right now so I am constantly feeling like I'm running out of time for basically everything that needs to be done. Despite all the current lack of time, this post is actually about something we ran out of time for a few weeks ago.

No, proper picture taking was not the thing we ran out of time for... but you can add it to the list. The goal was to have the table insert completed before our annual Pre-Thanksgiving party. This goal was not completely met but it we got it far enough along to fool most of our guests.

Nate worked diligently for the couple of weeks leading up to the party building the insert but after a few hiccups with finishing the top, we decided to not rush it and finish it after the party. So what do you do when the entire center of your table isn't finished?

You get a slightly festive tablecloth and throw it over the unfinished part and call it good. More details on the leaf to come but finals will come first!


  1. This made me smile!
    Way to go... hope your finals turn out well... best wishes on that. My daughter just finished up and got her grades in the mail today! Yay!
    Graduation is Thursday and then her State Boards...she'll be a nurse! Woot -woot.
    again...loved the table and cloth-- Merry Christmas to you.