Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesdays with Will: Have Paci, Will Fly

We took our first flight with Will this past week for Thanksgiving. I was pretty nervous about the trip but things went fairly smoothly. Will enjoyed the people and didn't have any problems with the pressure change. He even napped for a bit on both the flight up and back. 

We were prepared with basically every trick we were told, or read about, but we didn't end up using most of them. Will was basically happy with his paci and us. There were a few things we were happy we brought though:
  1. Rice puffs for snack/distraction
  2. A few toys that weren't too noisy
  3. Fruit/veggies in a pouch + bib for easy/clean feeding (although the pouches were a pain to get through security)
  4. Plenty of diapers and wipes and a change of clothes (there were a lot of diaper changes on the way home and a necessary outfit change on both legs)
Will also liked looking out the window, taking every magazine/pamphlet out of the seat back and trying to destroy our baggage claim tickets. While I wouldn't say it was a completely stress free situation, it was better than expected and he must have done better than what everyone else expected since everyone near us on both flights told us how well he did (one woman even jokingly asked if we could rock her 4 year old so she would go to sleep... which was a little awkward)

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