Friday, May 17, 2013

Using What You Have

When renovating a home, you tend to accumulate things along the way. In our house we tend to accumulate a lot of trim and scraps of wood and other materials. This came in handy in the kitchen since we needed to trim out the area around the back entrance and pantry as well as around the kitchen window.

Now this trim around the doors doesn't look pretty since it's the original trim from another part of the house:

But the combination of putty, caulk (so much caulk) and primer makes it look oh so pretty.

Similarly, for around the kitchen window, we had left over MDF and short pieces of wood. 

Once again, this got a lot of caulk and primer and even without paint, you would never know that the trim isn't all the same material.

We love reusing things. Projects cost less, the garage is less cluttered and it's less stuff that goes in the trash!

1 comment:

  1. I love using what I have too!
    I do it a lot.
    1.) we're on a tight income
    2.) why not if it means using it all up and keeping out of the land fill
    3.) I think it's kind of come up with projects 'outside the box'...keeps the cogs turning in the old brain machine!

    Good job on your projects. Pat