Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a great weekend hanging out with my guys and friends. We spent a lot of time outside which I love and I got to go on my first run in 8 months! Here's a snapshot of the weekend.

    #1 & #3: Will before our walk on Friday and after. He's big enough for the Bjorn now and he loves   
    it. I bring it with me on walks now and if he gets cranky I stick him in it and it calms him right down.
    #2: Will finally conked out after being fussy at our friend's house. It's amazing how going outside 
    for a few minutes is sometimes all that it takes to stop his fussing.
    #4 & #8: Enjoying the fireworks that our town has every year as part of the Mother's day festival. 
    We were far enough away that Will slept through them all.
    #5: My Mother's day present from Nate. I broke these in with about 7 miles of walking/running   
    on Saturday and it felt great!

    #6 & #7: Walking around Swan Lake on Friday checking out the birds and the artists setting up for    
    the Mother's day festival

We also enjoyed watching the new moms around town. There are so many new baby birds around the lakes near us. On one walk I counted over 30 babies from at least 4 different type of birds and you sure know which  one is the mamma if you walk to close!


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