Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part I

We had a Christmas this year that spanned many weeks. It started with a visit from my parents and even though we did a load of fun things, the only place I got any pics was at an Orlando Magic's game that we went to. 

The half-time show was an elaborate marriage proposal and the Magic ended up winning after a tight game so it was a lot of fun.

 My parents left a few days before Christmas. Nate and I opened the presents we got each other on Christmas Eve and then stockings Christmas morning. It's always fun to give and get gifts (Nate's big gift to me was an awesome new camera and I got him a new office chair) but my favorite part of Christmas is opening treats for the dogs. They get so overwhelmed it's so much fun to watch and try to capture.

This year they got rawhides and a new squeaker toy and Zoe got a new crate which she did not seem to consider a gift. Madeline took it upon herself to to try and kill the squeaker (and not let Zoe play with it).

A couple of hours later we came back into the living room to this. This is the first time Madeline has destroyed a toy and she seemed very proud of herself. That is until we took it away.

Then she kept giving us looks like this.

Nate's mom and stepdad were flying in later Christmas afternoon so we spent most of the rest of the day prepping food for Christmas dinner, but I stole a few minutes to play with my new camera. I really can't get over how much easier it is to take pics of the dogs, especially Zoe, with this camera (Nikon D3100). You can actually see her eyes without getting the crazy green eyes.

I try to get pictures of the dogs in front of the tree each year and they really cooperated this year which was nice. It's also rare to catch them in their super snuggly moods so I was super happy to get a few pics demonstrating how much they are attached to one another.

My favorite pic: napping with each other in front of the tree

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