Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part II

We spent most of Christmas day making a TON of food for Christmas dinner. We made grilled salmon and steak as well as mashed sweet potatoes and spicy wok seared green beans. To top it off, we made an eggplant lasagna which I'll have a recipe for later. It was enough food for a small army and it was awesome for days.

After dinner we opened a few more presents and I got Young House Love and The Handbuilt Home which I am super excited to spend hours going through.

The next day we headed south to visit with Nate's aunt and uncle. We took a really pretty boat ride and had a great lunch outside (sorry for those with the subzero temps).

We had a surprise guest ride along with us for awhile as well.

The rest of the stay was spent working around the house and seeing sights around Lakeland.  Our town center puts out a pretty impressive set of decorations for Christmas each year

And recently our town installed an amazing swan statue in front of one of the main lakes. All of our lakes also get Christmas trees placed in the center.

We also took a trip to Circle B Reserve which I've shown you before. This was a great opportunity to try out my new camera a bit.

And if you couldn't tell by our jackets, the temperature dropped right after Christmas to a chilly low 60's high with low's in the 30's. While we did have the heat on in the house but it was still too chilly for Zozo so we put one of Madeline's sweaters on her which led to one of the most silly Zoe shots ever.

Her little feet were so cold that when she was lying down she would pull them up into the sweater and then when she got up she would stick them through the neck hole and wear the sweater like a tube until somebody noticed and fixed if for her. 

So that was our Christmas. It was nice to relax a bit but today is the first day of the new semester so it is back to the grindstone!

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