Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Appliance Wall

Granted not ALL of our appliances are on this wall, but the big ones are. We really hated how the refrigerator didn't have a home for the longest time in our kitchen and we have finally fixed that. 

The bump out that we created in the kitchen now is home to our wall oven, fridge and an 18" pantry unit. (can we pause for a second to admire how awesome the wall oven looks?) We meticulously measured this opening multiple times when we were building it and in the end were within 1/16th of an inch. Unfortunately, we were 1/16th too narrow. Despite a lot of effort to squeeze the center cabinet into place, we ended up trimming the edge down on the cabinet over the fridge. You can't tell at all now that it is in place but it sure was a bugger getting it in. The height was pretty much dead on but we still need to trim out the edges to make it really look built in.

You may notice all the space around the fridge and be confused with the 1/16th issue. The reason for that is that we currently have a little fridge due to the old opening in our kitchen and so if we were to ever want to upgrade our fridge, we didn't want to have to reorder cabinets and tear everything out #yayforthinkingahead. The opening is large enough to fit a standard fridge and we will be trimming the area out for our current fridge so the gaps will go away.

Here's a side view so you can see how it looks like the wall just keeps going. The amount of space we have in the kitchen now is pretty crazy considering where we started. We love the wall is so much more functional than it used to be (Nate even gets an entire cabinet for his beer stuff).

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