Monday, December 3, 2012

Pests Be Gone

One thing we have to deal with living in FL is palmetto bugs. For the most part, our exterminator company did a good job sealing off the house from them and the treatments they provide usually keep them at bay. We did notice, however, that when we did have an issue with them, one area that seemed to be an issue was the outside wall of the kitchen. 

When we pulled out the lower cabinets it was pretty clear why this area was an issue. There was a nice gap all along the base of the wall that wasn't properly sealed off. We definitely were glad to take this opportunity to seal everything off so nothing could come in the house without being invited. 

We initially were just going to use regular spray foam to fill in the gap but then Nate stumbled upon the stuff above; appropriately named "Great Stuff". It is spray foam but also tastes horrible to all sorts of pests (yet no pesticides) so that they don't try to chew through the foam. This pretty much perfectly fit our needs so we picked up a couple of can and went to town after we installed the cork flooring.

We allowed it to expand and dry before we installed the lower cabinets so that the gap would be completely filled. We did have to trim the foam a little for the cabinets, but now out kitchen is all sealed up from annoying little critters!

We weren't perked or paid for the product in this post... we just think it's awesome!

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