Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Party in the Hood!

I'm not really sure if I can actually pull off the expression "party in the hood" but since this hood is so sweet I decided I didn't care. I also apparently didn't care to move our laundry or a case of beer out of the shot for the picture below.... just keeping it real and classy.

Anyway, this is our latest (and possibly last) appliance deal for the kitchen. I've had my eye on this baby for months. We actually first spotted it when we got our deal on our cooktop (you remember the one that we got all the scratches out of?). It was also in the clearance section at Lowe's and at the time it was marked down from $2699 to $1299. It is a really nice Broan hood and is even an island hood which is what we need for our kitchen but $1299 was just too much for us. We asked at the time but they weren't going to budge at that point. 

So we left the hood. Ever since, I have visited the hood each time we go to Lowe's in the hopes that 1. nobody had bought it and 2. they would mark down the price. Months passed and the hood was eventually moved to the back corner of the store with no buyer and no price reduction. Finally, about two weeks ago I had to ask again. It had been sitting for about 5 months at this point and we were getting close to actually needing the hood. After asking about something else I asked the manager to come look at the hood and see if $1299 was really the best they could do. It was a floor model and I know that they generally want to move items like these so I was really hoping he would drop it... a lot. After looking it over and checking a few things he finally was like "I can let it go for $800" and I was like "WOO HOO" only in my head... out loud I told him I had to check with my husband. After checking with Nate who was on board (since it was below our intended budget for the hood it's hard to say no) and checking return policies and that it worked, I walked out with our new hood. 

Since we had 30 days to return the hood if we didn't like it, we decided to hang it (not install it) to see if the scale was ok with the kitchen and that we actually liked it in our space. First we attached the top brace and then hooked up the hood part. We didn't even bother to put the stainless steel cover on the frame since we were more interested in the scale of the hood part. 

We are in love with it. I love how it doesn't block light and from the dining room the chandelier blocks most of it. Even in this rough state, I think the hood really gives some oomph to the kitchen.

Since it is a floor model, it isn't perfect. We need to get a couple of light covers that were missing and there are a few small scratches and a small dent. We are using the same process we used on the cooktop to get out the scratches and we got lucky and are able to access the other side of the dent and we have been able to get most of the dent out. We don't even mind a few imperfections since inevitably things get dinged and scratched and we feel less bad about that stuff if we aren't the first to do it! Even with the small imperfections and the slight added cost of the light covers, the hood still comes in way under budget and we never would have been able to get this nice of a hood normally. We absolutely love the look and can't wait to get everything hooked up!

So here is the run down on the appliances

Total savings so far: $5031

The best news? The savings from the appliances (if we had bought the same ones for full price) is paying for our new kitchen cabinets with money left over! (more on that later this week)

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