Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where's Waldo

As a bonus post for today, I'm going to show you a mini upgrade. In the post yesterday you saw these two photos:

 Were you able to figure to figure out what the other upgrade was? If you guessed the faucet, you would be correct!

Here is what the area looked like before:

 And here is what it looked like right after we installed the new faucet:

We used some of the money we saved with the disposal to purchase this Delta faucet. Here are the improvements of this faucet over the last one:

1. The sprayer works: enough said
2. It doesn't take all of your arm muscles to move the faucet around.
3. The faucet/sprayer combo allows for the other 3 holes to be used for useful things like a soap dispenser!
4. The faucet is a more appropriate size for the area and the taller faucet lets us fill up pots a little bit easier.

We have some ideas about what we want to use the other 2 holes for in the future, but for now we just put 2 stainless steel caps over the holes so water can't go through them.

So now you have seen the improvements to one little corner of the kitchen. Tomorrow and Friday you'll get to see the other areas of the kitchen that have been improved!

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