Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Goodies

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and was able to get everything they wanted during Black Friday without losing too much sleep. We have been waiting for this day to get some items checked off our list for the house and we definitely scored some deals. We managed to get most of this stuff without fighting the masses at 3 a.m., but there were a few things that we made the trip for.

The first things we got were from Amazon's pre-Black Friday sale. (pictures courtesy of Amazon site)

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage disposal: Nate's been pining for a good garbage disposer for awhile and with the Pre-Thanksgiving planned, we were not looking forward to making all that food without a disposal and Amazon had the exact disposal that Nate wanted at a killer price! With our Amazon Prime account, we had it before the party and we were able to install it just in time (stay tuned for how we installed it)
Total Savings: 51 % (P.S. it is still on sale!)

Cheetah Articulating Full Motion Dual Arm TV Mount: A TV mount has been on our list for a really long time. I like to cook in the kitchen and I wanted to get one that I could move the TV so that I could watch something while I cooked. Since we have a 42" TV, it was looking like we would have to shell out about $200 to get a mount that would have the motion we were looking for. Thanks to Amazon, this was not the case. I couldn't believe the sale they were having on TV mounts. Small TV mounts normally $100 were being sold for $14. I scoured the site until I found the mount that we wanted and luckily it was also on sale... really on sale. Yay for not having to pay $200!
Total Savings: 77% (P.S. it isn't on as good of a sale but it is on sale still)

The next place we did not have to go to was Lowe's. We were able to order our stuff online and pick it up later :). Pics courtesy of Lowe's website

Table Saw: Nate's Craigslist table saw bit the dust last week and so we picked up a new one. I was trying to get this for Nate's Bday next week, but he saw it in the flyer and wanted to make sure I got it, so it became an early birthday present.
Total Savings: 53% (It is on sale at this price until Monday)

Garage Door Opener: We don't have a garage door opener on the doors of our garage. We also don't have any handles and so it is really awkward to open the garage. This basically means that we have not been parking the car in the garage because it is really annoying to get it in and out. We decided to get one opener so that we could pull the car in and more easily access the tools. Eventually we will get another one for the other side.
Total Savings: 28 %
The one item that we got up early for was a new dishwasher. The one that came with the house is quite old and the door spring is broken so it can either be closed or fully open. This on its own is pretty annoying so we started to look around for a new one a few weeks ago. Then we started to notice that the little packet of detergent wasn't getting dissolved (we noticed after it was unloaded which was super annoying). It was taking 3 washes to actually clean the dishes. That's when we decided it was definitely time for a new one. So we got up at 3 a.m. and headed over to Sears to get a Kenmore Stainless steel plus Stainless steel tub dishwasher. We had to stand behind some very interesting people but we got the dishwasher and at an awesome price.
Total Savings: 40 % (P.S. it is still at 30 % off)

These were the big purchases we made. One these we saved a total of $808. We also got a few smaller things:

4 seasons of Mad Men and 2 seasons of The Big Bang Theory from Target: Saved $162
720 GB external portable hard drive and 8 GB thumb drive from Best Buy: Saved $51
Pillows and a blanket from Kohl's: Saved $160

We ended up saving more than we spent! Now we have to install all these things!

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