Friday, November 16, 2012

Sun Room Built-Ins

I have a project to share with you that I'm super excited about. While we are working in the kitchen, it is sometimes nice to step away for a little bit and focus on another area. This is especially nice when we can finish it and it looks pretty when the kitchen still is in disarray. 

Since we are claiming the old office as the new master, we moved the office into the sunroom. It helped  to close up the door at the end of the sunroom, but it still wasn't feeling too much like an office. 

To fix this, we went to Ikea and picked up some inexpensive bookcases.

We wanted the end of the office to feel more like a library so we didn't want it to look like a bunch of bookcases hanging out but more like we had built-ins. The first thing to make the bookshelves feel built-in was to build a base. Nate built the base so that the bookshelves would be lifted up enough to trim out the bottom with trim that matches the rest of the trim in the house.

Then we secured the bookshelves to the base and to the walls.

Once the bookshelves were installed, we added a few more things to make them feel more built-in. We added crown at the top and thin strips of trim along the seams between the bookcases so that it isn't as obvious that we have three separate bookcases.

After a quick coat of paint and lots of books later, we now have this:

We also reused one of the lights we took out of the kitchen and put it above the bookcases in the office. It really adds to the amount of light in the room and gives a nice glow at night.

I love how much space we now have for books. Almost every book we own is on this unit and we still have a ton of shelf space for more books to come!

You may notice that I also primed the trim around our big window. That is the next big project in this room. The room is too narrow for all the wood trim so we are planning on painting it white and the rest of the walls need a bit of color. After that, the sun room will be pretty much done.

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  1. Your built-ins looks great!! Love that!
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