Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've Moved: Bathroom Updates

Don't worry, we haven't moved far. With all the renovations we have going on around the kitchen, we have moved our bedroom upstairs so we aren't constantly walking through grossness to go to our bedroom. Since we are now upstairs, we are using the upstairs bathroom regularly. Nate surprised me the other day by doing a bunch of little projects in the bathroom that made it a lot more comfortable to use.

First little fix-up: Bathtub knobs

This might seem like a fairly simple task but it involved fixing some plumbing and having to screw out the holes on our new/old handles (you can see where we got this here) since they were a little too small for the rods they needed to go on. We also made a little mistake and forgot that we had three knobs and so the middle knob remains in its pitted glory until we find a matching knob to go in the middle.

The awesome thing about this is that we were actually missing the cold knob before so once Nate installed the new knobs, I got to take my first bath in this house! This is the first big bathtub we've had and so I was pretty excited. Here is the before and after for the knobs.


Second little fix-up: Shower Curtain

Since our shower is a little unique in our upstairs bath, the shower rod sits lower than normal and therefore our shower curtain was way too long. This wasn't a super big deal but it was annoying that it got soaked every time we took a shower and would drag water out of the shower. Nate cut the shower curtain down and I sewed the edge and voila... appropriately sized shower curtain!

Third little fix-up: Shower head

Once again our shower is a little unique and the way the old shower head worked, you really couldn't stand anywhere in the shower without getting sprayed in the face. Nate swapped the downstairs shower head with the upstairs on and now you can bend the water away from you when you want to. Once again, not a huge thing but it makes the bathroom a little more comfortable.

Initially our goal was to get our bedroom upstairs all done before we moved up there but the dust and grossness factor downstairs (the smell of old house construction dust is probably my least favorite smell out there) that we moved before doing anything to our room. We may work on it while we are up there or we'll remain jealous of our guest room and use it as an impetus to get our projects done downstairs!

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