Friday, July 20, 2012

Upstairs Painting

The upstairs bedroom that we are painting is the first time I have painted with dark paint. The end rooms upstairs are the perfect candidates for dark paint since they get so much light all times of the day. I was really excited about our adventure into dark paint, until the first coat went up. (this isn't even the part that our 5 year old friend did!)

The color I picked was definitely not this teal color so I was a little nervous and Nate was confused since we do have a more teal paint for the other bedroom.

After the second coat went up, I was feeling a little better, but it took a third coat to really get the right color. Are you itching to see the results of letting a five year old paint our wall? Are you expecting a hot mess with paint everywhere?

Besides some paint on the trim (which we are planning on repainting) there was little extraneous paint. I should mention I did roll over her hand painted sections before they dried to even those sections out and I would periodically wipe up and splatters she got on the floor while they were cleanable. Her sections also only required 2 coats of paint because she got some pretty impressive coverage with the inexpensive little brush I gave her!

We still have some painting left to do and some other projects in this room, but it's coming along nicely.

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