Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Old House and The Homies

This may seem like a weird title but I have some cool things to share with you. The first is that This Old House is having a contest for DIY projects and Home Remodels. Winners get featured in an issue of This Old House which is pretty cool. Two of our projects are submitted for the contest which we're really excited about.

The first is our Mason Jar Chandelier which we made last summer.

and the second is our half bath that we just moved.

We are really happy with how both projects turned out and we're hoping other people do too! We really appreciate everybody who has already voted (Like a lot a lot) for our projects and if you want to vote, you can vote for the Chandelier Here and vote for the bathroom Here (or click on the pics above).

The other cool thing to share with you is that Apartment Therapy is having the 2012 The Homies awards. If you are looking for new blogs/ideas to check out, this is a great opportunity to do that. If you want to check out all the nominated blogs or nominate/vote for your favorite you can check them out Here.

That's it for the cool stuff for today. I hope you enjoy looking through all the great projects out there and we really appreciate all the support we've received!

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