Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

We have finally gone out and picked out our Christmas tree. We were semi expecting Christmas trees in Fl to be really expensive since we're from the Northeast where you could go in your backyard and cut one down. It turns out that they have Christmas tree farms in Fl and so the prices are not too bad (plus you can cut your own down, if you want, without having to crawl around in the snow).We didn't cut our own this year, but we did find a little place that was selling much nicer one then you could find at any place like Lowe's or Walmart. This place even had 20 ft trees! I had never actually seen a cut tree this big before.

We went for a much more reasonably sized tree:

We got it home without many difficulties, got it up and then we decorated it the next day. Yesterday we came home to find that our little gremlin had managed to knock the tree over (we're at least blaming it on her) and so we redecorated it.

Today we have the fireplace grate in front of the tree to discourage little mouths from trying to pull the tree over. Fingers crossed it is still up (and we don't have little soot paw prints on the rug) when we get home tonight!

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