Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rotten, no good, pole

The people that owned the house previously decided at one point to have the electrical company install a light on one of the electrical poles in our backyard for safety. Once we bought the house, we decided to get rid of the light since we didn't use it and it was costing us about $10 a month. We called the electrical company to remove it and they told us it would be a few weeks.

I had mostly forgotten about the light until I was leaving for work one day and one of the electrical guys was in our yard. It turns out that the pole the light was on was so rotten that they couldn't climb up it to take down the light. This pole happens to be one of the central poles for the electricity in our neighborhood and happens to be in a spot that would result in way to much electricity in our bedroom (specifically right on top of our bed) if it fell.

Since the pole was so rotten, they had to bring an engineer out to inspect it, and then they had to bring in a new pole. Here is a pic of them digging a new hole.

The first day they just dug the hole. Then they came back and put in the pole. Then they came back to switch over some of the wires and cut down half of the old pole. Then they came by yesterday and climbed up the pole but didn't really do anything else. Now we have a new, sturdy, pole with some of the wires attached to it and a cruddy half hacked off old pole with the other half of the wires on it. Hopefully someday soon they will get rid of the rest of the pole, but even thought it doesn't look great, it is nice not having to pay the $10 a month for that light. It's also nice to know that we won't have an electrical pole crashing through our bedroom any time soon. 

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