Friday, December 16, 2011

Anniversary Renovations

On Wednesday, Nate and I celebrated our 7th year together (since we started dating not wedding) and for the past couple of anniversaries, we have celebrated by starting a renovation.

One anniversary we took down all the wall board in our old house to insulate and it went from this

to this:

On another anniversary, we decided to look at how damaged our back sunroom was and all the 2 x 4's came out with the wall. So it went from this

To this:

To this:

And then this past summer we replaced the revived Nate's sister's front porch.

So to keep up with this tradition, on wednesday, we started our first real renovation to our new house!

The renovation we are doing is not a huge one, but will really help with the flow of the house. We are going to move this half bath

from its current spot which is basically in the kitchen (it's what is behind the fridge) 

To the hallway under the stairs (the door to the immediate right). This is right off the kitchen, and this may seem a little silly, but we don't like how the bathroom is currently pretty far away from everything else in the house and it feels like it's in the kitchen. 

We also are currently using the closet in the hall for a pantry and so it will be really nice to have the pantry in the kitchen and the bathroom outside of the kitchen (and in a more central location of the house).

So this is what we are going to be doing over break! Stay tuned for updates on the progress.

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