Friday, September 16, 2011

Missoni Flip out

Missoni for Target was launched this week and the craziness began. Now, some might gasp at this, but for the most part I am not a huge fan of Missoni and do not understand why people are buying the Target Missoni for huge markups off of Ebay. I especially don't understand why, days after the site crashed, it took me 5 tries to load the Target website. This is annoying for someone who is looking for non- Missoni related Target items. This must be even more frustrating for people that are looking for Missoni items because this is what you will find

I'm all about getting quality for a deal, but this just seems crazy layered on top of more crazy. Also, Target is "ending your session" (aka kicking you off their site) if you are inactive for too long. Since I am having such trouble with their site I'm off to go find my items other places. I hope if you wanted Missoni you were able to get it!

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