Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pillow Palooza

When I was posting this picture about the new coffee table, I noticed our couch looked a little empty. I had been wanting to get some new pillows for awhile, and so I used this as an excuse to go looking for some.

I don't understand why, but pillows are, in my opinion, prohibitively expensive. I don't know how one small pillow could possible be $40, but that seems to be the going rate around here. Now since I wanted to get more than one pillow and also didn't want to pay over $200 for pillows, I had to do some searching. I would have liked to make my own, but I wanted some variety in my pillows and to get a variety of fabric and to make them is also a little costly and time consuming (which I have little of right now). So the search began. Here is a run down of stores I tried and the best price on pillows that they had.

1. IKEA: ~20 and couldn't find any I liked
2. Kohl's : By one get one 1/2 off, total for 2 pillows, $39
3. Pier 1 Imports (I didn't think I would find one in Fl): Sale pillow which I actually liked $19.99 still too much
4. JC Penney: On sale $19 for ones I didn't like, $26 for ones I did like.
5. Stein Mart: $19.99 but I didn't like any
6. Marshall's: Minimal selection and $20+ but they were really big
7. Burlington Coat Factory: SUCCESS!! From the outside it actually looked closed but I was happy to find out that it was not and they had a HUGE selection of pillows! I ended up getting 6 ranging in price from $6-12.

Here are our couches now. We're still playing around with the arrangement, but I like that it is more comfortable to lounge. The dogs are also have fun deciding which pillow is their favorite (they have a bigger obsession than I do). 


By the way, if you are going to buy a large number of pillows, park near the store. Otherwise you will be like me dragging a large bag through an entire mall and then having to run to the car in the pouring rain. And believe me, people do stare...

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