Thursday, September 1, 2011


We have some big plans for the kitchen in our new house, but before we get into all of that, let me show you what the kitchen currently looks like.

Looking through the doorway from the dining room you would see this:

If you step in and look to the right you would see this:

To the left:

 Looking back:

And from the back door:

As you can see, the room is currently very white. Our plan is to keep the original cabinets but change out the doors (they aren't original) but keep them white. To add some color, we are going to get knobs and pulls, eventually put in granite counter tops and down the road replace the appliances. The current island is very wobbly so we will also replace that with something bigger and that has a lot of storage.

Also, if you count, we currently have 4 entrances to the kitchen.
                                                  1. From the back door and half bath
                                                  2. From the Hallway
                                                  3. From the dining room
                                                  4. From the den

This is a little awkward and a big space waster. We are still playing around with ideas, but I predict a couple of walls coming down and the addition of more cabinetry.

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