Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lakeland fun

This summer is packed with family events and after looking at our schedule, what made the most sense was for me to fly back up to New England and Nate to follow a week later (so he could supervise work being done on the house). I flew out of Orlando this morning and am currently sitting in South Station in Boston (more on that later).

Since I needed to get to the airport, we rented a car so that we could run some errands and make the trip to Orlando. We decided that since we had the car, we should do something fun and what we decided on was a drive-in. We really enjoy drive-ins, but the are hard to find and sometimes pricy since they are rare. We happened to get lucky on both ends. Not only is the drive-in a mere 10 minutes from our house, it cost only 4 bucks per person for two movies. Not only that, they are current movies (we saw Cars 2). Since I had my flight this morning, we only stayed for one movie, but I think this will an awesome movie option in the future!

Yay for Drive-in!

Nate is super excited

Pretty good for a phone camera

Cars 2 was awesome. Thanks Pixar!

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