Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

As I mentioned earlier, I made my way up to New England today. I actually like traveling (all except the landing part of flying) but sometimes it isn't as fun as I would like it to be. My flight went great, and I even got through security in under 1/2 an hour which is really lucky for the Orlando airport. I decided to book a direct flight into Boston and take the train up to Maine because it was considerable cheaper then flying straight there and I figured I could spend some time in Boston before hoping on my train.

First un-fun thing about my trip: HEAVY luggage. I'm going to be gone for almost a month and going to a multitude of different events and so I need a lot of clothes. I have a great Vera Bradley duffel (see below) that holds SO MUCH and counts as a carry-on, but what I neglected to think about was the fact that fitting a lot means weighing a lot. I had two airport guys look at me and just say "that looks really heavy". FYI: That doesn't make the bag any lighter.

Anyway, the idea of walking around Boston became less of a good idea as the day went on. With that idea shot down, I had three hours to kill. This turned out to not be that hard. I wrote a little, read a little, got a snack, made my way to North Station and played cribbage on my phone. I was pretty proud of myself that I wasn't even bored. I was super stoked that things were going so smoothly. I even called Nate to let him know how good things were going. Yep I did it, I jinxed myself.

Second un-fun thing about my trip: I forgot trains hate me. Unfortunately, I love them. I prefer taking trains over any other transportation for many reasons (wifi, power for my computer, don't have to drive, don't actually leave the ground, I could go on) but the one drawback is that I have really bad luck with my train trips. I have been on a train that has run over a 4-wheeler, don't worry the guy jumped off, which resulted in a three hour delay sitting in one place with no a/c in the summer, and I have been on a train that was behind a train that caught on fire which resulted in a 4 hour delay of sitting in one place. With those experiences, I shouldn't have been surprised when this happend

BUMMER. Luckily (if you can call it that) it was only late that 1 hour and I wasn't stuck ON the train this time. I got another snack, played some more cribbage and finally made it on the train. Amtrak was great this time around and gave us a voucher for a free trip (this was a first) which made the delay more palatable. Now we're somewhere in Maine and hopefully, hopefully, we will be in Portland shortly where I can switch to the automobile....

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