Monday, April 4, 2016

Trip to FL

Well hello there. We've had quite the blogging break around here, which was necessary with all the stuff happening in our life. Things are settling a bit now so we're back to share what's been happening. 

Obviously, the biggest change in life has been adjusting to being a family of four. Miss Maisie is pretty different from Will (not a huge surprise) and I finally feel like we're starting to understand her. 

We'll have more on her in a later post because today we're talking about how crazy we are. I was on maternity leave for 6 weeks and Nate just happened to have a conference in Orlando for the last week of my leave. Instead of me staying home with the two kids, we all piled on a plane and headed to FL for the week (for the count that's with one 5 week old and one 2.5 year old). We split the kids up on the plane (a half a plane apart), which worked so well I don't think we'll be sitting as a family on an airplane for the foreseeable future.

The first few days were spent visiting friends and our favorite restaurants. We also went to the science museum in Orlando for the first time which was so amazing we went a second time as well. We met up with our friends and Will had so much fun running around with someone his age.

I think Nate and I may have had more fun in the physics room than any other person in the place. I've never been in a science museum with such an extensive physics area and it was amazingly well done.

Will preferred the motorcycles

It was weird staying in a hotel in the town we lived for so many years. It was also a nice challenge to manage nap and sleep schedules of everyone in one tiny room.

The rest of our trip was spent at a resort at Disney (where Nate's conference was). This is when crazy set in a bit. Nate was in meetings all day so I had both kids, one hotel room, limited play area and 1 newborn who fully refused to ride in the car without screaming. We made it through but not something I would exactly recommend to anyone.

We discovered the "susher" app which did help with the screaming in the car a bit (and at one point put everyone to sleep (including Nate) except me ... because I was driving)

We mitigated the lack of play area by taking some trips to visit more friends and my old department. I even braved taking both kids to Universal for one of the days. (I quickly figured out how to carry both of them at the same time which has become a very handy skill to have)

The highlight of the trip was probably going to Disney. Nate got night passes through his conference so we headed there after Nate was done on one of the days. It rained and Will is TERRIFIED of the fireworks so we did a lot of indoor/covered things like Mickey's PhilharMagic, the carousel and tea cups and seeing Elsa and Anna.

If it's not clear from the photos, this is Will so excited he can't handle it. He LOVES Anna and he was talking about hugging her for a solid week after this.

(the only photo of all 4 of us from this trip)

We finished the night with dinner at T-Rex Cafe. Will was apprehensive at first, but overall liked eating with the dinos and the food was so good after a full day of walking.

(Hoteling like a champ)

While we've been MIA, we have also almost completed the house so we'll be dropping in to show you updates periodically. 

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