Friday, April 15, 2016

CK&NateCreate - A Live Event!


As we continue to try and share the many exciting things we've been up to the last few months, there's something we've been gearing up for this weekend we want to share:

We're going to be one of those Local Artisans - sharing our wide selection of drawer pulls and knobs from CKandNateCreate! This is going to be our first time selling our products "off-line" and so we are both excited and nervous. We've been prepping for about 3.5 months and have made a total of 1000... yes that's 1000 ends. This includes displays, some pre-made items to sell and a whole bunch of free ends so that we can fill custom orders on the spot.

You'll see we chose to use some reclaimed barn wood we picked up at a local spot here in Phoenix called Porter Barn Wood. They have an amazing selection of wood and they do some amazing things with it (check out there website... it's drool worthy). You know you're at a hip place for salvaged building materials when you see this in the parking lot!

We are also introducing some new products including our shelf hangers. We made these for our house and have had a few of our friends/neighbors ask us to make a few for them so we're going to give them a go and see if the sell!

Are you in the area? Come on by! It should be a really great time!!

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