Thursday, October 15, 2015

The AZ House Plan - Upstairs

I've mentioned a few times now that we are on a pretty tight timeline for the AZ house reno, but I haven't really shown you yet what we are actually planning on doing. Well, today is the day!

We have a pretty major reno going on the second floor of the house, minorish projects on the first floor, and a complete overhaul of the backyard planned. Today I'm going to show you the plans for the second floor.

I've fallen in love with Google Sketchup (I use the free download) and it has helped me tremendously with the project plans in this house. I tend to be pretty good at visualization, but Nate needs pictures and since we have so many changes going on simultaneously, having the 2D and 3D renderings has be amazing with making sure we are on the same page (and we can show inspectors, builders, contractors, etc). So, this first floor plan is the original upstairs layout as we purchased it (you can ignore the numbers... )

This next one shows you the areas that we are overhauling in the next couple of months. Purple is what we are deeming phase 1, blue is phase 2 and green is phase 3. The brown area is the area that is getting new hardwood flooring so that is kinda phase 2.5. We are currently working on phase 1 and 2 together and then will go on to phase 3 when the first two phases are done.

These are the original realtor pics of the spaces above. 

Green: Current hall bathroom

Blue: Super long and skinny laundry room

Brown: Hall

Purple: Current playroom

So you want to see what we're going to do?? 

The purple are is going to get split into the baby's new room and a smaller playroom. This includes framing out the new room and closet, running new electrical, insulating the wall and then closing everything up and finishing things off. We are putting a bump in the new wall so that we can put built-in cabinets for the playroom. The combo of the insulation and cabinets will hopefully make the baby's room pretty quiet. The playroom is going to get hardwood flooring, but we are going to keep the carpet in the baby's room. 

We are adding a door from the playroom (at the top of the stairs) that leads the the blue section. This will allow us to close up the half wall in the current laundry room and split it into a laundry room and new hall bathroom. This will be the bathroom for three of the bedrooms upstairs.

This leads us to the green section or the current hall bathroom. We are going to take the upper right bedroom, remove the linen closet and take that space to enlarge the bedroom into a master and give a side entrance to a master bathroom. We are going to leave the current bath door and build a wall to make a new (bigger) linen closet.

Whew... tired yet?

So where are we right now?

We are currently in the demo/rough-in stage. We got our green light and building permit a couple of weeks ago and Nate has been kicking butt since building walls, taking out tile, running electrical, HVAC and plumbing. 

We have the new door into the laundry room installed:

The baby's room is all framed out and new electrical is run:

and Nate's been working long nights running the new electrical and plumbing in the new laundry/bathroom space. He also has the new walls up separating the laundry and bathroom (no pics).

The goal is to have the framing, electrical and plumbing inspected before this weekend so that we can start closing up walls and I can start tiling the laundry room and bathroom!

Are you the type that gets a lot more done when you are under a time crunch?? We sure are!

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