Monday, August 3, 2015

Will's New Room

Welcome to Will's big boy room. AKA the only unpacked and decorated room in our new house. We already showed you his new bookshelves that I made out of gutters and now it's time to show you the rest of his new space.

The big goal was to get some color going in his space. Since we are most likely going to move again after my residency is over, I decided to work with the beige paint and add accents of color in the blue hues.

We added one more gutter shelf over the couch for some stuffy storage and I spray painted a peg board in the same color as some of the shelves and hung baskets to get the diapers and wipes up off the changing table.

We loved Will's big alphabet and Fibonacci number murals in his nursery but this time I wanted something we could take with us if we move. So, I picked up a pack of Eric Carle number a letter flash cards. They are super cute and colorful and if your little loves Hungry Hungry Caterpillar they will be all over these. I used some twine and clothesline clips to hang the cards. The great thing is that the numbers have two sets of flashcards so one can hang and you can use the other set.

Over Will's crib (which we are keeping him in as long as possible... no climbing out yet) I have my favorite little animal pictures by Sharon Montrose and then Will picked out the giraffe cutout from Hobby Lobby. It's the first time he's really wanted something so it's now right where he can see it.

The last couple of things we did was add Will's name to his door and put a peep hole in it. It's nice to have the option to check in on him without opening the door, especially since he likes to do gymnastics in his crib when he should be taking a nap...

So that's Will's new room. It's working really well for us and it's nice to have his room free of toys so we can focus on it being more of a down time space for reading and sleeping.

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