Monday, August 17, 2015

Desert Photos and an Announcement

Moving from Fl to the middle of the desert is a little extreme in terms of views. There is technically green around us but it's really different and the overall hue is brown. It doesn't help that the houses in our neighborhood are every shade of brown/beige you can think of. We slowly adjusting and it helps that we have these cool mountain views so we thought we would take advantage to get some family photos. It's been awhile since the last time we did this so someone has grown quite a bit.

The cacti around here are pretty cool. They are huge and they are everywhere. They are protected and it's against the law to cut one down and if one is starting to fall, they stake it up to try and keep it alive. I haven't really learned much about all the other plants but most of them have prickers of some sort so between them and the rocks it's not the easiest terrain. I have found some pretty good running trails, though and as long as you stay on them you can get around the desert pretty well.

Will loves the rocks and riding his tricycle around the neighborhood and I think we'll enjoy hiking once cooler water hits. Right now we tend to max out at about 15 min outside before the sun goes down.

The heat here tends to bother me more than in Florida but I'm going to mostly blame that on our little bun in the oven!

I'm about 5 months pregnant (which has added a little bit of extra craziness the last couple of months) and things have finally settled down enough that we decided to share with you all. I'm due right at Christmas so we are just starting to play around with nursery ideas and names. We've been a little more amped up about it this week since we just found out we are having a:

Baby Girl!

We actually found out that we were pregnant just a couple of days before I came out to Phoenix to look for houses so timing was good for me to find a house that would fit our growing family. This means that you'll get to see us add a bedroom and completely overhaul certain aspects of our new house over the next couple of months. Stay tuned because we have a pretty long to-do list and a pretty short timeline so things are going to be changing quickly!


  1. YAY! Will is going to be a big brother!!!!
    How exciting for y'all!
    Love the family pictures... You look great!