Thursday, November 20, 2014

Safavieh Playroom Rug

I've known for months now what rug I wanted in the playroom. Young House Love found one at Home Goods last January and I just fell in love with the pattern. It is a Safavieh hand woven sumak wool rug and it took some searching, but I did eventually find it at Overstock

Now we tend to be cheap when it comes to rugs. We have dogs, we spill, we leave banana on the ground to be stepped on (well only one of us does that... ) so we tend to gravitate towards the remnant rugs at Lowe's that you can get for $80.

That's what we had in the playroom for the last few months. This cheapo from Lowe's is actually folded over in half on the floor... it worked as a temporary soft surface but it was on my scratch list.

We wanted a nicer rug for the playroom but nicer tends to include a large price tag and the one I wanted definitely did. Overstock claims this rug's MSRP is about $1200 (which I'm sure is inflated to make you think you're getting a good deal) and over the last year has varied in price from just under $400 to about $290 (it's on sale right now!). For us this is still a pretty hefty price tag for a rug so I kept watching and putting money aside for it.

Well, a couple of weeks ago it dropped to $270 and I had a one day coupon code for $30 off a purchase over $200. I still hemmed and hawed a bit but then pulled the trigger under a few conditions. Mine was that I had to be done with ALL of the painting in the room before it went down and Nate's was that we had to make a concerted effort to treat it to protect from stains.

It definitely hung out in it's packaging for about a week and a half giving me the incentive to finish the painting and then finally, I was able to roll it out.


This rug is about a foot longer than the folded in half one so it fits better in the space and it makes the room feel 10x brighter. As the reviews state, it's not really brown but more ivory and grey which was awesome because that was what I wanted and the "brown" one was $50 cheaper than the "grey" one.

I love the pattern and texture and you can't tell at all that we have foam boards under it for added playing padding. It's also great for playing with cars with the low pile. I'm so glad we decided to get it and I catch myself just staring at the room now.

We'll have more details of the playroom coming, but this is up there as one of my favorite. Oh, if you're interested, we used Scotchgaurd Carpet protector to protect the rug and sprayed it with diluted vinegar to try and keep the dogs from having accidents on it. We'll let you know how it goes!

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