Monday, November 17, 2014

Opinions Needed!!

Update: See what we decided to do HERE

Here's a quick sneak peek of the playroom. It's really coming together and we are soooooo close to finishing it off. The thing I'm struggling with right now is how to finish the gate. I could paint it white so that it blends with the rest of the fence, stain and poly it so that it doesn't show fingerprints, or totally paint it a fun color to make it stand out. I'd love to see what you all think so if you could take a sec to click on your favorite idea I'd appreciate it!


  1. Stain! The paint will chip. I can show you my kitchen cabinets as proof:/

  2. Stain - but with some of the color stains - Minwax, for one, has red/blue/green. I even saw a "how to" on dyeing wood with Rit dyes! And there are some other wood "dyes" if you scout on the internet! One company showed a "sunflower yellow" and a "royal blue" (Keda Dye) - and I'm sure that's not the only company out there!

  3. Got bright! Similar to that blue chair would be great. It's a baby gate, have some fun!