Friday, November 14, 2014

Finding the Right Hinge

Do you remember way back when I posted about the cabinet doors I built for the sunroom? I mentioned I didn't like the hardware so we had to figure out what we were going to do to hang the doors. Well, that turned into more of a hunt then I was expecting but we finally found a good solution. 

First lets look at the issue. We had some left over hinges that I though would work to hang the doors. 

After quite a bit of frustration getting the hinges attached we went to close the door and it stopped here...

The hinges were simply not designed to be used this way. Unfortunately, every other hinge we bought and brought home to try out also was not meant to be used this way because of the inside overlay. 

Nate an I were more divided on this project then we normally are. He was on the, let's find a way to latch the doors shut and move on with our lives, side. I was on the, I swear I've seen hinges that do exactly what I want here, side. Unfortunately, until I found the hinges, my side wasn't a very strong argument (especially since I'm an extremely vivid dreamer). So, the project stalled while I scoured the internet for hinges that would work. 

Long story short, I did find the hinges... but you'll never guess where. 

I had been absolutely right that I had seen hinges like this before. All of our kitchen cabinets have them... talk about a duh moment...

I did eventually find them online but they were pretty pricy. Luckily, we decided to build Will's activity board because as I was going through the drawer of leftover hardware, I came across an entire bag full of the hinges! After all that, we had had the right hinges in our possession the entire time.

The next step was actually attaching the hinges. This required drilling out two holes on each door, but not all the way through. We used a left over cabinet door to measure how deep the holes needed to be and marked the drill bit so we know where to stop

Drilling the holes half way left the wood in place so the next step was to use a chisel to break out the wood.

It took a few dry fits to get the right depth, the hinges just popped in and we screwed them in.

Attaching these were sooo much easier than the other hinges and within minutes we had them attached to the unit.

And now the door closes beautifully.

I still haven't fixed the other side but we now have a working method. A couple of handles and the invisible baby locks and we can call this unit done! Hopefully I'll be able to show you the completed playroom soon because I'm busting my butt to get it done in the next week!

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