Monday, October 13, 2014

How Do You Like Me Now?

We do a lot of projects around here and some turn out awesome and some are... well... not so awesome. So, here is an update on some of our projects.

Terrariums: I loved them while they were alive but I couldn't keep them that way. I may try again but for now they are very very dead... The one pictured above is actually a pretty good Halloween decoration so I might be lazy and not switch it for a couple more weeks.

Refreshing Shower Grout: Still looks great but I think that the I may need to touch up the top of the little seat. It's a tough spot and I really should be wiping it down since it tends to collect water but it's  not happening right now.

Our Board and Batten White Chalkboard: LOVE. This wall went through a lot of stages and now every time I look at it, it just looks right. We use it to write out the meal plan for the week which works really well to help keep us organized.

Using Polyshades on our Bathroom Floor: It still looks brand new. We've had no issues with using the Polyshades and it's still amazing to me how much of an improvement it made to the floor.

Our new sofa: It's not so new now and it has been spilt on, smeared with peanut butter, cottage cheese and various other things and it is so easy to clean. We've had no stains and everything has come off with a little wiping. It's moved around our living room a bit and we love it anywhere it goes.

Finishing the edges of a remnant: It didn't last too long with the original adhesion so I went around and used Stitch Witchery to really reattach it. If I had known I would have to do that, I would have gotten some cool ribbon and used the Stitch Witchery first. It's been holding up really well for the past few months with the redo so I'm hoping I don't have to touch it again.

Our Octagon Table: We love love love this table. We still haven't really finished the inserts for it but the table as is fits our life so well. It's a great conversation piece and I still can't believe somedays that we actually built it.

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