Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our English Roll Arm Sofa

Our new sofa has arrived and is now resting comfortably in it's new spot. 

It is super comfortable and is much easier on the eyes than our old brown couch. If it looks pushed into the corner that's because it is. Will is super climber right now so this couch is usually surrounded by soft objects and is positioned so he can't fall too far nor climb onto any nearby tables. He definitely approves of his new jungle gym.

I managed to snag a couple of poufs from Target at basically 50% off a few weeks back that really go nicely with the couch and lighten things up a bit. I was a little concerned about the red curtains clashing with the couch but there is a red undertone to the couch that actually really connects the two.

My two favorite details of this couch (besides the comfort factor) are the arms and the feet. They are both so pretty and curvy.

So we've officially added one more "grown up" piece of furniture to our home. It still is crazy to me the difference slightly higher quality furniture can make on our home's comfort level.

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