Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eighteen Months

Can you believe our little guy is a year and a half old?! At what age did you switch to saying years instead of months? We keep switching back and forth and I think I'm still on the months side of thing... a year and a half sounds too old...

Will's getting at least the sounds of a lot of words now which is really nice since the number of tantrums have drastically reduced and have been replaced by these crazy happy dances when we get him what he needs right away instead of on the 50 millionth guess.

Right now I'm:
  • Almost willing to wear socks and shoes at the same time!
  • Now kind of saying: shoe, yes, juice/drink (not sure which), cheese, uh-oh and bye-bye
  • Desperately trying to get off the ground when jumping
  • Capable of doing somersaults in my crib
  • Super helpful. I throw away trash, help dad unload the dishwasher, open and close doors and push the cart at the store just to name a few.
  • Still insistent that people are always wearing shoes
  • Always telling people where to sit by patting chairs until they obey
  • Asking for kisses by leaning in and giving big hugs and kisses to lovie (and hugs to the padding protectors on the poles at the park?)

When Nate and I are both around, Will sometimes asks for double kisses, which we happily oblige! 

We love our little guy and he is just so fun!

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