Monday, September 22, 2014

Macrame Plant Hanger

The last couple of weeks have been kind of rough. Not any one thing was too overwhelming but we just had a lot of minor things that just added up. Last Sunday, Will fought his nap until the time when we were supposed to go to a BBQ and then promptly fell asleep (Murphy's law right?). So, while Nate went to the BBQ, I took the free time to watch a little TV (I'm obsessed with the Blacklist right now) and try a low key project. 

One of my friends had gotten me this lovely plant for my birthday and it had been sitting on our dining room table for a couple of weeks. The leaves were just turning a little yellow (the dining room only gets very diffuse sunlight) and so I wanted to move to a sunnier location. It's generally hard to find good plant locations in our house despite the multitude of windows because we have dogs and a toddler that will climb on anything and everything to get at something. So, I decided to try and hang the plant. 

I had seen a lot of macrame plant hangers around and since we always have a ton of jute rope around for making chandeliers, I decided to try a few knots.

I started with 8 six foot long pieces of jute and folded them in half so that I would have a loop at the top. I made two wrapped knots at the top, about 4 inches apart. 

For the knots, I looked at a lot of different macrame plant hangers, found knots that I liked, and then looked up instructions. I did find this site to be pretty helpful and for anything that didn't make sense I looked up a video. 

After the two wrapped knots I split the 16 pieces of jute into groups of 4. I kept them straight for about 2 feet and then put in a spiral stitch on each grouping.

This is where things started to connect. I split the 4 pieces into groups of two and joined them with the neighboring group of two about a foot an a half down from the spiral stitch.

Where the two sets came together, I joined them with a Josephine knot. I added a little embellishment with three little nuts that we had laying around. I added one more Josephine knot for symmetry and then split the groups one more time and joined them with their neighbor.

I joined the groupings about 10 inches and just tied them off with a normal knot.

The last thing I did was join all the pieces back together and tie them off with another wrap knot. I trimmed the tail and I was done!

I found a cute little planter that will catch water at Lowe's, popped the plant into it and placed it into the hanger. Nate added a hook in front of our living room window and now we have some added greenery that can not get knocked over, dug in, picked at or destroyed. 

The only question now is whether I'll still be able to keep it alive.

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  1. How fun!
    I've done macrame a long time ago! And thought about recently-- this turned out and I love the industrial vibe the nuts added!