Monday, August 11, 2014

Window Shopping with Chairish

Have you heard of Chairish? If you use Craigslist a lot for home decor but spend a ton of time sifting through junk to find the gems then you should definitely check it out. It's a person-to-person market place where you can buy or sell pre-owned furniture and home decor. You'll find a lot more big names on this site and most of the beat-up low quality stuff is filtered out. It's definitely fun looking through all the great pieces and since Chairish handles all the shipping, you know that even the largest pieces will arrive in perfect condition.

Chairish recently contacted me asking if I would be up for putting together a style board around a colorful chair. They sent me a bunch of chair options and after a lot of back and forth I finally landed on this one:

I like the traditional arms and legs with the more modern orange pop. After a lot of "window shopping" on Chairish, I finally came up with this as my style board.

This was definitely an interesting challenge. While I like the chairs, they aren't something I would necessarily personally use and as a result, putting the style board together definitely took me out of my comfort zone. There is also sooo much to look at it's hard to just pick a couple of things. Finally, I struggled with the idea of using pieces that I thought were awesome but were still really pricy. So to appease my conscience, here is a run-down on what I would actually consider buying.

Art: I would consider buying it because I like it and it's a fairly large piece at a pretty reasonable price of $300. However, very similar pieces from the same artist pop up on One King's Lane often with a smaller price tag so I would wait for that (like right now if you're interested)

Lamps: LOVE them but I would so try to DIY them especially at a $520 price tag per lamp

Side Tables: I think their are cute and at $350 they are a good price for the brand but for such a great midcentury piece I wonder why it was painted...

Couch: I love the look and from the description it is really well made but we are not at the point in our life (we may never be) where we are comfortable paying $4500 for a pre-owned couch

Rug: Nice large rug for $500 isn't bad so if we were in the market I would consider this one

Coffee Table: At first I though the top was marble so the $900 price tag seemed justified but then I actually read the description and realized it wasn't. So... if it had been marble I would have considered it but not a chance for this one.

So my take away? You can definitely find some great things on Chairish but with any site like this, you have to do your research especially since you can't see things in person. I will definitely be adding it to my list of places to check out when we're looking for furniture.

What do you think? Would you use a site like Chairish? How about the style board... What is your favorite part?

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