Monday, August 4, 2014

The Guest Room is Livable Again!

Well we did it! We showed you our catch all guest room when it looked like this:

After some craigslisting, donating, organizing and cleaning, our guests this weekend got to see this instead:

This feels pretty good because one of goals this year is to declutter and organize and this checks off another room! Once again, before:

And after:

We even extended out into the hallway so there wouldn't be any tripping fatalities in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.

These areas aren't checked of in terms of being done, but it sure does feel good to have them organized and clean! Little things for the win!


  1. Oh Good for y'all! That looks so wonderful.
    The decluttering does wonders,doesn't it?

  2. I had to comment when I saw these photos.... those wood shelves on the side walls...did ou inherit those with our home when ou bought it? because I inherited one JUST LIKE that when we bought our older 1953 home. I thought it was odd that they were open on one end, with the sides just going straight up.. or mabe you didnt inherit yours, and you can tell me why they are built like that? Just an odd thing I noticed!! you guys are doing a splendid job remodeling your beautiful home!! I especially love the little half bath remodel!!! but I am a sucker for marble every single time!!! thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you! Those bookcases were actually built by Nate and his step dad when he was a teen. The idea for the extended sides is apparently to have built in book ends for the top shelf. Hope that helps!