Thursday, May 22, 2014

TBT Blog Style: Blowing Insulation

So needless to day, it gets cold in MA. So when we found out that the house didn't have ANY insulation, that became a priority for us as we worked in each room. At first, we were stripping everything down to the studs so that we could take a good look at everything, run the electrical, fix plumbing, etc, and then we could just staple in some batts of insulation. Here's  shot of the (soon to be) laundry room. This was actually an interior wall, but we wanted to have good sound insulation since a bedroom was on the other side.

As we got more comfortable with the renovation, I decided that it was more work to rip all the wallboard off just to put in some insulation and run some wires. So we started to feed wires in from the basement and fish them up using various (never perfect) methods. To insulate, we used this guy:

Sure he looks all cute and green, but this little guy pushed bail after bail of insulation into our walls. 

It made QUITE a mess, but all we had to do was cut some holes in at the top of each stud-space instead of rip all the wallboard down so in that sense it made less of a mess (slightly). Once we were done, we used spray foam to seal up the holes really well.

After it dried, we cut back the foam, and patched the hole like any other blemish: a bit of fiberglass tape and joint compound. In the end, it looked pretty good!

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