Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Power Washing Love

 I showed you a couple of weeks ago how the back of our house had become really gross. Well I'm happy to report it's looking a lot spiffier now!

So is our garage. Both of these shots were after initial passes with our new power washer and while there was a marked improvement, they could use another pass to really brighten them up.

The thing holding up the progress is the driveway. I didn't really realize how bad it was since when it's dry it's not super noticeable what is dirty and what has been power washed.

But when it's wet, holy cow! 

I really didn't realize how dirty our house/driveway was until I started and now I. can't. stop. Everything is getting cleaned. So this guy and I am spending some quality time together. I honestly love this thing. Nobody bothers me while I'm using it and the end result is so satisfying!

 Also, check out these super awesome power washers! I thought it was fun on the ground! Imagine swinging back and forth on the outside of a building! I happened to see these guys at work on a walk right after I was power washing and they really looked like they were having fun...

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