Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesdays with Will: Smoothie King

We've finally made the decision to supplement one meal a day with formula after my bout with the stomach flu really threw off our feeding schedule. This gives me a much needed break but the transition wasn't without some bumps. The biggest bump was that Will didn't and doesn't like the formula. He has gotten pretty adamant when he doesn't like something and even mixing 80% BM 20% formula still was met with pushing the bottle away, "no" head shakes and throwing of bottles. 

Enter the smoothie. Apparently the dislike of formula when introducing it this late is fairly common. After reading a bunch of tricks, I decided to give the smoothie route a try. I basically use a bunch of fruit and some greens (spinach or kale) and use the formula as the liquid base. As long as I get a good fruit to formula ratio, Will loves it. He sucks these things down like a champ. However, if I don't put enough "masking" material in, he knows on the first sip and pushes away. I've learned to have him taste a little before I clean everything up so I don't have to remix everything and then clean everything again.

Every time I hand him his cup and he starts drinking I feel like jumping up and down/letting out an evil laugh for tricking him. This method also has the added bonus of guaranteeing at least a couple servings of fruit and veggies which makes me more relaxed when Will decides to throw his finger food fruit and veggies to the dogs. The biggest issue right now is that he dribbles and dribbles of blueberry and spinach make a fairly big mess. Up to this point we haven't really been big bib people but they are much needed now and so we have to train ourselves to remember the bib before handing over the smoothie because he can require an outfit change within seconds of getting it if we don't remember.

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