Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Goal Friday

Let's see how the goals are going shall we? Last time we had made some progress and we have made a lot more over the last couple of weeks

Goal #1: Caulk Trim: Finished!

Goal #2: Paint Trim: 90% done

Goal #3: Fix ceiling paint color: 90% done

Goal #4: Paint walls: Finished!

Goal #5: Install Ceiling Trim: Finished!

We need to do a quick second coat of paint on the trim (and hit a section I missed on my first round) and put a second coat of ceiling paint up and we will be finished with this set of goals!

So lets look at some progress pics. Most of this room is doors or windows and so I decided to hand paint the walls instead of rolling the paint. This worked out pretty well since most of the wall was cutting in. After just one coat of paint and primed trim, things were looking pretty good (but a little splotchy).

After putting up a second coat of paint I started in on the trim. I gotta say, I will never use latex primer on wood trim ever again. Oil based makes life soo much easier. On the left below is the primed trim and on the right is after just one coat of paint. I could probably get away without painting another coat but there are a couple of uneven spots that I want to fix. For the most part though, the oil based primer cut out at least one coat of paint so I (and my hand) am super happy.

So here comes the new goals:

Goal #1: Finish ALL painting in Dining Room

Goal #2: Figure out the floor situation

Goal #3: Work on secret project #1

Goal #4: Work on secret project #2

Goal #5: Get guest room ready for guests

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