Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesdays with Will: Sharing

Will has recently really started to enjoy "sharing" with others. "Others" usually include the dogs (which they love) but he's also started to offer things to me and Nate and anyone near him. Usually, it is half chewed food, or at least slobbered on food. Other things he has offered me is his lovie, his sippy cup, toys, and most recently dirty socks that he pulled from the laundry bin. He'll hand something over and then wait and watch to see what  you do with it and then usually reach out to ask for it back. He gets a big kick if you pretend to eat/drink/play with whatever you give him and LOVES it when the dogs eat the treats he offers them. It has almost become a game with him but the nice thing about it is that when other kids take things from him he doesn't get upset so we can call this a win. 

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