Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Beer Tote

We're going to have a week of catchup here on the blog. First up is Nate's Christmas present. This was a big project for me since I did it 100% myself. This included using the table saw which terrifies me. 

We go over to our friend's house usually at least once a week and we almost always bring some beer with us. Nate is always looking around the house for a 6-pack holder to carry the beer with us and so for Christmas I decided to make him a beer tote so he has a dedicated beer carrier.

For the most part, I followed the instructions here but there were a lot of little tweaks that I made. Also, about midway through the project (but too late to change anything on this one) I had a couple ideas that I think would really improve the design so I'm going to give it another go and if it does I'll share my instructions here.

It only took me a couple of hours over a few days (mostly for dry time) and the longest part was figuring out the parts that weren't really included in the link above. Once it was all dried and assembled, I filled it up with beer from a small beer and wine shop that has some really unique beers, wrapped it up and stuck it under the tree. Nate loved it as much as I hoped he would!

P.S. The materials listed also give you almost enough materials to make more than one tote so I'm going to grab a couple of missing pieces and give you a full tutorial soon.

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