Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Room Art

In the baby's room we had just enough space to squeeze in my favorite couch. We got it years ago and it has lived with us in every apartment/house we lived in together. It's not the prettiest thing but it has held up really well and was the perfect size to hang out on the wall next to the window in the baby's room. Since Will came home we have used it a ton so I'm really glad it's in this space. 

One challenge with the couch is that the back is quite low (it's basically in line with the bottom of the window) and so there was a lot of empty space above it which looked awkward. To fix this, we rehung a large shelf we had previously had in our office about two thirds of the way up the wall to house stuffed animals and added two photos that Nate's mom got us below the shelf.

The pictures are from Sharon Montrose and she takes the most amazing animal pictures. I especially love her baby animal collection and the two we have are a baby bear and baby bobcat. I'd like to eventually get a few more for the room, but in the meantime (since they are kinda pricy to buy a lot of), I've been trying to get a little better at editing photos. I took a pic that Nate took while at the State fair this year,

and then after playing around in Gimp (a free photo editing program) for awhile, I was able to remove the background and improve the coloring on the giraffe so it now looks like the pic was shot with a light grey background. 

For a first try at this I'm pretty happy with how it came out and i'm thinking I'm going to hang it between the other two to fill out that wall just a little more.

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