Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Look What I Came Home To!

We had a super awesome delivery yesterday. We initially thought that we were going to get our cabinets last week but it ended up working a lot better to get them delivered after our big Thanksgiving party. 

We cleared out the dining room and the kitchen and while I was at work, Nate met the delivery guys and they unloaded all the cabinets into the dining room. It was pretty awesome walking into the door to see our pretty new cabinets (and to see how ridiculously tall the oven and pantry units are).

We now have everything we need to put the kitchen together but first the rest of the old cabinets need to come out. We have a plan that will hopefully have our new kitchen put together by this Sunday (minus countertops) and while I'm going to probably playing more of a cheerleader/help with small things role (like putting in the floor) this time around, we have some awesome friends that are coming over during the week to help Nate out with all thing heavy/dusty/smelly.

Do you have any fun renovations planned for your long weekend?

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