Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For Posterity: 8 Weeks

Obviously, it's hard to share baby stuff before you tell everyone about the baby but for mostly our sake, I wanted to keep track of some fun facts so here is an 8 week photo with facts from the first trimester. Since there still isn't really a bump yet and the first trimester was a lot of the same stuff, this will be the only first trimester post but I'll be starting to do these monthly starting with this Friday since I'll be 16 weeks!

Also, since we are in the process of renovating the kitchen, we're going to take all bump photos in front of the kitchen so you (and we) can keep track of how the kitchen is progressing with the bump!

First Trimester:
Due date: March 14, 2013
Total weight gain/loss: 5 lbs down (see Food Aversions)
Sleep:  I have to stay up late for school/work so I've been taking full advantage of not getting up early. If I have to see 7 am you will see me sleeping at my desk at 10 am (I actually did this for the first time in my life... I'm not a napper...after an early meeting I had to go to... I had an hour off and I literally passed out at my desk for the full hour)
Best moment this trimester: Seeing the baby kicking it's legs during our first ultrasound.
Food cravings: All I want is fruit and it has to be juicy fruit. I've been living on peaches, plums and grapes for about 3 months now. Oh and occasionally all I want is some salt and vinegar chips.
Food Aversions: I'm going to say almost everything (except fruit) but depending on the day I can pick and chose specific things that I can imagine eating. Pine nuts and hummus are the only things that make me want to gag thinking about (which I normally love) and I have almost no appetite.
Symptoms: I've had no real morning sickness (knock on wood) just a couple of days of not feeling awesome. The tiredness and food aversions are the only real symptoms I've had.
Gender: We are super excited to find out whether it is a boy or girl and we're counting the weeks (until 20) until we can find out.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I didn't expect the first trimester to feel sooo long. It's weird to not be able to tell people why you're dragging or why you're not drinking at a party or why you can't be anywhere near their lunch for so long... you start getting weird looks (which is especially great when you're still kinda new at your work). Plus I really would like to want to eat a meal. I feel bad for Nate... I can't remember the last time I had a legit meal with him... let alone made a meal since cooking it is almost as worse as trying to eat it. Besides all this, I'm super excited for the coming months and being able to feel the baby.
What I miss: Besides real meals, I'm not missing too much. I've never been a big alcohol or coffee drinker and all the foods I usually love I want as far from me as possible so there hasn't really been anything that I want but can't have. I had been doing a gymnastics/conditioning class and I was able to continue doing it through the majority of the first trimester (since I had been doing it for months prior) but near the end of the first trimester I cut way back on what I do (I still do stuff in the pool and stretch) since the pregnancy hormones started really kicking in and the relaxin started doing a number on my ligaments. I didn't want to do something bad like hyperextend anything. This is probably the only thing I really miss but I have been trying to go to volleyball with Nate as an alternative. 
What I am looking forward to: A baby bump and feeling the baby move
Milestones: Telling everyone the good news and having our first ultrasound!

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  1. wow!!! so happy for you!!! totally get your food aversions. My hubsy ate a fish sandwich while I was in the car, took me 17 years to be able to stand the smell of fish. good luck to all 3 of you!!! wish you many smiles and blessings