Monday, July 16, 2012

Am I Crazy?

When our friend comes over to brew beer with Nate, he often brings his 5 year old with him and she and I hang out. Running around with the dogs and Netflix for kids only occupies so much time so I try to come up with things she can help me with around the house. For awhile this was usually scooping leaves out of the pool while I cleaned it (for some reason she really loves this task) but with it being summer in FL, there are a lot less leaves and a lot more heat so inside activities during the day are better. 

This led to the idea of painting. We wanted to paint one of our guest rooms and had the paint so I gave her a cheap brush, had her stand on a drop cloth (we have wood floors and were planning on repainting the trim so drips weren't a huge concern) and traced out an area for her to let loose in. Let loose she certainly did and there were a few lessons on shaking off paint inside the canister instead of all over the drop cloth and cutting in so we don't paint things we don't want to, but overall, she had a blast and while the majority of her legs were spattered, the floor was surprisingly clean. Her dad thought I was crazy for letting her do this, but I'll let you decide later this week when I show you what the room looks like now.  

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