Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day. We are spending a good part of the day cleaning our house in preparation for leaving for my sister's wedding later this week (we have friends staying at our house to watch the dogs so we want to give the impression that our house is actually clean :) ), but we are going to carve out some time this afternoon to BBQ with some friends and relax.

One area that we are not going to touch before we leave is the garage. Last week I showed you the most organized spot in our house, the pantry and now I present to you the most disorganized space!

The garage has gotten so bad it is basically laughable at this point.

We often wonder why it takes FOREVER to find the tool that we want and this is basically why.

You'll notice our laundry is in the garage (something we both desperately want to change) and it is an obstacle course trying to get over to it.

The major issue is that we didn't organize it from the beginning. This was the landing spot for all things that didn't have an away spot in the house and so this became the catch all.

We have major plans for organizing this space (and getting the laundry out of there!) but it'll have to wait until we get back!

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