Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Missing?

We've once again rearranged our kitchen to try out a different configuration. Can you tell what is missing now?

Here's a clue. This is what is looked like before.

Now can you tell? The island in the kitchen got the boot. It was a little wobbly and didn't really offer any great storage and so we decided to try a layout without the island.

If you remember way back, one of our possible layouts was this

We have decided to leave the pantry wall up so it's a little different, but the general idea of a no island kitchen was generally intriguing to us and to do this, the island had to go.

First Nate took off the counter top

And then he wiggled the the base off its support

And finally unscrewed the base.

We were left with some lovely screw holes and so much more space in the kitchen (I actually said Holy Cannoli this is a lot of space!).

We were already planning on replacing the floor so we aren't too bummed about the holes.

Later this week we'll show you the rest of the layout and if we are having any island withdrawal.

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